Shaun Michael Crusha
With being a paranormal investigator it is my passion which includes the ability to give members of the community peace of mind.
Nicole Perrine
I have always believed that there is something else out there beyond the life we live.
Social Media Manager
Dawn Anga
I have always had a natural attraction to the supernatural and paranormal. Even as a child I simply felt that there was and is more to the world than our eyes can see and that feeling has never gone away.
Jim Fliss
I do look for more physical proof of spirit, I do question and try to look for other explanations for experiences. And sometimes, there aren’t any.
Tech Manager / Photographer
Rhonda Fliss
I love to use a combination of scientific, real time personal experiences to gain an understanding of this field.
Lora Coberly
Lora Coberly is a Paranormal Investigator and actively investigating since 2005
Robert Coberly
Started actively investigating paranormal sites in 2005 with my wife Lora Coberly.
Cheryl Oney
I got involved in Paranormal Investigation after moving into our home, especially since the previous (deceased) owners were still residing here!
Historian / Photographer

We are an elite team of paranormal investigators and researchers. Honesty in the data and research we deliver forms lasting relationships with our clients.

Colorado Alliance of Paranormal Investigators and Mediums

The organization is seeking to become a non-profit organization and as such payment for efforts is not required of clients. However, at times team services may be requested at speaking or demonstration events or engagements. These type events may include room and board payments. Our services are provided to both residences and business across the globe. However, if transportation or movement of the team is beyond the means of the team there are two options. We may either refer the client to an associate team in closer proximity to the client or ask for the client to provide room and board for the team during the investigation.