Colorado Alliance of Paranormal Investigators and Mediums

The organization is seeking to become a non-profit organization and as such payment for efforts is not required of clients. However, at times team services may be requested at speaking or demonstration events or engagements. These type events may include room and board payments. Our services are provided to both residences and business across the globe. However, if transportation or movement of the team is beyond the means of the team there are two options. We may either refer the client to an associate team in closer proximity to the client or ask for the client to provide room and board for the team during the investigation.

  • An investigator must be both a skeptic and possess a desire to seek out the truth of the situation.
  • The collection, analysis, interpretation of data obtained on both private and public locations.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality of the data obtained
  • Actively research new and emerging theories in science as it pertains to paranormal research
  • Understand the operational use and knowledge of equipment used within the team.
  • Obeying all team rules and do not break into locations to conduct training or otherwise investigate a location
  • Assists members with setup, teardown of materials prior to and after an investigation
  • Take part in team activities that raise money for the procurement/sustainment of the team's equipment

Members Practice:

PERSISTENCE: Keep pushing through even when faced with tough obstacles.
BROTHERHOOD/SISTERHOOD: Within this area we expect each member to protect one another at all times.
SERVICE BEFORE SELF: Act on the greater good of the client and not expose the client to undue criticism.
TRUSTWORTHINESS: Uphold the high standards put-forth and exhibit personal honesty and integrity.
DETAIL ORIENTED: This requires paying close attention to all details.
INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Accountability of all tools used within the team is vital to continued efforts.
CREDIBILITY: It is important to us, to maintain integrity, ethical practices and professionalism, while ensuring our clients have the best possible experience.
LIMITS: Understanding physical/personal limits and not extending yourself beyond these limits
SAFETY CONSCIOUSNESS: Evaluation of and calling to a halt unsafe acts during training or investigations


Bachelor's Degree or individual working towards the degree (applies to the Tech Manager and Leadership positions)
Team Electronic Voice Evaluation Training Certification Required (required within two months position acceptance)
Training: Equipment Certification (Training on each individual piece of equipment is vital for tech position)
Undergo Continual Evaluation of Equipment Knowledge (update as a break-thru is documented)
New Asset Training: Complete training on and in-turn train other team members on new pieces of equipment
Continue Self‐study and research of newly emerging science as it pertains to paranormal research