Shaun CrushaDuring my teenage years my father and mothers involvement in the field of paranormal studies fueled my desire to learn more. Yes, things occurred even at this younger age.

Rhonda FlissI am married to fellow investigator, Jim Fliss; we are from Minneapolis, MN.  We have lived in Colorado for six years.  As a family (w/teenagers) we watched Ghost Hunters every Wednesday night. 

cheryl oneyI consider myself a Colorado Native since I have lived here since I was one. I grew up in Boulder and have stayed in Colorado because, isn't it the best place on Earth?

Dawn AngaI have always had a natural attraction to the supernatural and paranormal. Even as a child I simply felt that there was and is more to the world than our eyes can see and that feeling has never gone away. I was born into a very open-minded family and raised a Hare Krishna devotee with strong Hindu inclinations. I am also somewhat familiar with Native American culture(s) and belief. Growing up I could sense good or bad and always had a love and sympathy for spirits just as I do for my fellow human. Colorado is a special place to raise my children and holds an abundance of places to investigate because of its rich history.

Nicole PI have been interested in the Paranormal Field for about 20 years. I have always believed that there is something else out there beyond the life we live.

Coberly LLora Coberly is a Paranormal Investigator and actively investigating since 2005.

Coberly RStarted actively investigating paranormal sites in 2005 with my wife Lora Coberly.

Fliss JI earned my degree in Photography in 1982 and was certified by the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) in 1983. I was also active in the SDPPA (South Dakota Professional Photographers Association) and the MNPPA (Minnesota Professional Photographers Association).