Shaun CrushaDuring my teenage years my father and mothers involvement in the field of paranormal studies fueled my desire to learn more. Yes, things occurred even at this younger age.

One of the strangest things that came to me at an early age was related to Natalie Wood because as my mother and father studied the paranormal I found myself attempting a different but fascinating angle. It was 1978 and I didn't really know Natalie Wood but I exclaimed to my mother that this poor lady would succumb to her demise. Yet, even at that point I told my mother that it would remain a mystery for several years. The fact that this did come to pass was very strange to me. And frankly, I wasn't ready to look at death this closely. This made me alter my desire away from my parent's field of study.

I proceeded with my life and entered the USAF. I was more focused "Initially" on searching for a wonderful lady to share my life with and the paranormal events were seemingly in my past. As I progressed through the Enlisted Air Force ranks I found that Halloween was always a fun time of the year. With this began an accumulation of props and masks related to this holiday and eventually with me running base haunted houses in three locations. However, when I hit Germany this added a bit of a twist and took me back to the paranormal field as several occurrences were centered near the haunted houses we had erected.

After retiring from the military I went back to school with focusing on business. This is a very necessary field and yet the longing to aim towards more paranormal field activities captured my attention!

So, I am here in the field learning and absorbing the information and knowledge of those around me in the field. Whether investigators are young or old all can contribute new or innovative ideas. There will always be new people entering the field because it is unsolved and not solidified. What I don't want to happen is that people attempt to exclude others because they do not wish to entertain new ideas. We must continue to learn and expand knowledge. There is not one "All Knowing" being other than God and as such we in the field should each be humble.

Yes, I do lead a team that when called upon goes out to investigate a local location. However, I do not wish to limit myself behind these boundaries. I wish to join as many investigations as possible with various viewpoints and gadgets to potentially gather data. I have an intense yearning for learning and hands-on approach is best "For Me". Seeing what does and doesn't work is vital because gathering data for a greater understanding takes data. Don't get me wrong. I believe that something very paranormal occurs on occasion but the repeat, repeat and repeat of it is what will validate it occurring to prove is scientifically.

Recent contact with a spirit that very loudly exclaimed, "The Light Shineth on the Toll" and a strange occurrence of Mrs. Lorraine Warren contacting me on morning after hearing this leads me to believe that this field has been chosen for me. I am going to do my very best to learn as much as possible and hopefully help the field in any way possible.

My name is Shaun Michael Crusha and I am Paranormal Investigator willing to go to great lengths to seek out the truth of the situation.