cheryl oneyI consider myself a Colorado Native since I have lived here since I was one. I grew up in Boulder and have stayed in Colorado because, isn't it the best place on Earth?

I have always been interested in the paranormal, I remember being fascinated by "anything ghost" as a youngster. I got involved in Paranormal Investigation after moving into our home, especially since the previous (deceased) owners were still residing here! It was such an awesome experience, and truthfully after having helped them to cross over, I have really missed them, but they do stop in once in a while.
I am also an RN and have been at the bedsides of many people as they were crossing over to the other side. I have NO DOUBT after what I've seen, that their loved ones came to help them cross over. I am privileged to witness and help Spirit in the work of closing the door to this life and opening the next door to what lies beyond. I have been working with a psychic medium to further develop my medium-ship skills so I can communicate with Spirit, hear their stories, and help them anyway I can, it's a work in progress. During my Angel Card Readings (Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue) I have been able to connect with the spirits of loved ones who have personal messages to share. My motivation is not to sensationalize these experiences, but to truly benefit and comfort those who have been brought into my life.