1. Members will be respectful to other members by not talking about any person or any other team in a negative manner on a Members Page or any other form of media.
  2. Members will not use profanity or vulgar language. General conversation may include the use of "hell" or "damn" however, ANY use of ANY profanity or vulgar language directed towards another member that is found to be offensive by any member or representative is unacceptable.
  3. Members will not show any type of discrimination. Discriminatory remarks of any kind will be met with swift action to include immediate removal from the team.
  4. Members will respect client's rights by not revealing their identity through the posting of names or pictures. However, if the location is a team training site or the team has been request to be a speaker at an event these photos may be included in documentation.
  5. Members will refrain from harassing other members or representatives.
  6. Members will post only paranormal related subjects (ghost, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, demonology, psychics/mediums, ancient mysteries, etc.) to the group page.
  7. Members are encouraged to invite new members. However, the member will be evaluated to ensure he/she follows the rules of conduct.
  8. Members will not be involved in any illegal activities or display unbecoming behavior that could directly or indirectly have an impact on the team.
  9. Members will initiate conversations, provide explanations or ask questions when posting pictures, articles, audio or video submissions on the Page. Posting of pictures, articles, audio or video submissions without required communication will result in immediate deletion of the submissions.
  10. Any member caught deliberately misrepresenting themselves or evidence will be immediately removed and banned from the team.
  11. Members will only give pictures, audio and videos to the team for review and not post it for the public.
  12. The information required to submit an item is as follows:
    1. Why you feel the picture is paranormal
    2. Date and time the picture was taken
    3. Location of picture (city, state, and/or zip code)
    4. The exact type of camera that was used.
    5. Whether or not a camera flash was used
    6. Explain your attempts find a logical explanation prior presentation to the group.