The work environment is not fixed and therefore may change at each investigative location. Enviroments alternate between indoor (approximately 95%) and outdoor (approximately 5%). Work may be generally be of sedentary in nature but will require standing for long periods and walking during long periods. The operation of equipment and entry of locational environment may require lifting, bending, moving, carrying heavy objects and setting up of equipment in various configurations to include heights and cramped locations. There is a possibility of unpleasant odors and working amount dangerous amounts of stacked or collected debris. Members will provide their own masks and lighting sources to work in or around these sources to remain safe. Most locations however will have favorable environmental conditions. Additionally, reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

Weight Demands  
  Rarely Occasionally Frequently
Lifting – 1‐25 lbs     X
Lifting – 25‐50 lbs     X
Lifting – 50+ lbs   X  
Carrying – 1‐25 lbs     X
Carrying – 25‐50 lbs     X
Carrying – 50+ lbs   X  
Pushing/Pulling ‐ 1‐25 lbs X    
Pushing/Pulling – 25‐50 lbs X    
Pushing/Pulling – 50+ lbs X    


Physical Demands  
  Rarely Occasionally Frequently
Standing     X
Sitting     X
Walking     X
Talking     X
Driving     X
Balancing/Climbing X    
Stooping/Kneeling   X  
Crouching/Crawling   X  
Reaching   X  
Hearing     X
Seeing     X
Turning/Twisting/Leaning   X  


Mental Demands  
  Rarely Occasionally Frequently
Problem Solving     X
Supervising X    
Organizing   X  
Planning   X  
Decision Making   X  
Interpreting Data     X
Writing     X
Reading     X
Data Interruption     X
Filing out online and offline forms     X
Using internet based software     X


Working Conditions  
  Rarely Occasionally Frequently
Indoor     X
High Temperatures   X  
Loud Noises   X  
Confined Areas   X  
Outdoor   X  
Cold Temperatures   X  
Fumes X    
Unfavorable Conditions   X  
Hazardous Conditions X    


Equipment Use  
  Rarely Occasionally Frequently
Telephone     X
Copier X    
Computer (Beginner Level)     X
Computer (Intermediate Level)   X  
Computer (Advance Level) X    
Scientific Instruments     X
Propriety Equipment     X

Other Requirements

Must be able to read, write and communicate fluently in English. Must have good hearing and vision (Can utilize glasses/contacts and a hearing aid). 

Employee Statement of Understanding

I have read and understood the job description for my position. I am able to perform all essential functions for this position.
I agree to comply with the rules and all laws, rules, regulations and standards of  conduct relating to my position. As a member, I understand my duty to report any suspected violations of the law or the primary protocols to the lead Investigator.
As an member, I will strive to uphold the mission and vision of the association
All members are required to adhere to the values in all their interactions with clients, the public and  fellow members
My acceptance of position offer or application for position confirms the statement above.